Monday, January 14, 2013

Well, today I am not changing the design of this blog page at all; however, I did add a new blogger.  Something / someone I found while working on our PP presentation actually.  It is a man by the name of David, who is a copy editor; and he edits words and sometimes spaces, or so his profile states.  Upon further research, it does not appear as if he has posted anything since Feb 2012.  However, there are some interesting articles on his blog so I will keep him on my list for now.

I really need to be in search of bloggers who provide instructions for blogging since this is my theme.  That will be my next focus; and of course, making my blog page 'prettier.'

I found this picture also ... :)


  1. Great photo. Here's a post with some tips for new bloggers.

  2. Thank you, Dr Kirk. I am going to be brave and try to pretty up my blog a little bit tonight. Wish me luck! :)