Sunday, January 13, 2013

1. Decide on focus of your blog. Could be on leadership or other business topic but does not have to be. You will be establishing credibility on your subject (Example-my blog on teaching effectiveness is at Yours could be on your interests such as a hobby, pets, writing short stories, food, travel, etc.

Starting Over - starting over with the theme of my blog for the Social Media Class and following instructions per Prof Kirk.

The focus of my blog will be on learning how to blog, since I have little experience in this subject... other than I thought I had started a blog earlier in the week and, apparently, did not know how to correctly save and/or publish it.  So, I think I have most assuredly established credibility on my subject of learning how to blog, as I obviously have not mastered this yet.  Makes me want to switch to Christine's topic of "Great Wine Buys."  I could use some wine right now. :)

So, Instruction #1 - done!  

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