Friday, January 25, 2013

Honestly, I had a difficult time getting off of Twitter tonight to get back here to my blog.  That Twitter is a little addicting and dangerous! 

My tasks on my blog this past week were to:

Add information on my 'about me' page - add focus of my blog and why I chose it.  Done!

Explain how my template fits with the topic of my blog (books for learning; learning theme). Done!

Interaction / comments with 3-4 bloggers related to mine (made comments). Done!

Move video I posted (about Canadian teacher learning SM and teaching it to her first graders) under a post and deleting the Video Bar.  Done!

Blog link of "Words Between the Spaces" is not recent; so move to a post v. a blog link.  Done!

I have also added a few websites that I found very interesting and about the theme of learning to blog; tips on things to do and not to do.  I hope others find these links interesting also.

I changed the layout a little and think it looks a little cleaner.  Hope others agree.

I also decided to play with the font color a little to add a little color to my posts! 

And I found a cute video about Grand Central Station, which I am going to post about next.  

I think I'm done - the question is:  To work on my other class project, or head back to Twitter! :)


  1. Thank you! Just sent you an email about Terri Bork also.