Sunday, January 13, 2013

5. Write at least 3 blogposts and post each with a photo/clip art (or could use google images) 

I have accomplished the first part of this, and will attach below some of the clip art that I found last time.  I was looking for some pictures to represent that it was my 'first time' blogging, so I did a search on Google Images for "First Time." Word to the Wise - NEVER do that!  I should have been more specific and typed in "First Time Blogging."  Here are some google images about blogging that I found:

No surprise here that about an hour or so ago, I would have said "... not to blog!"  

I found this one when at the previous step of 'connecting' or 'linking' to other blogs.


  1. I think I would have said "...not to blog" either but I decided to embrace the whole experience and see what I can come up with. I hope you are having a good experience with blogging!

  2. I am liking it more than I thought, actually. Thanks for commenting, Annie. It's getting better and better. I am meeting with Yisell tomorrow night to go over our presentation information, and she is going to give me a little assistance with regard to the design. I also want to find out how to change the "B" icon ... I see you have changed yours. I don't know what I want to change it to yet ... maybe an "SOS" sign. :)

  3. LOL Maura! I don't want to imagine the results you got when you Googled "first time"! Glad you got out of there safely. One tip that I recently learned (the hard way) about writing posts is that you might want to first write it in Word, then copy / paste / fluff up with pictures in Blogger. I had an entire post written, then went back to edit & the whole thing deleted. :( It's worth the extra 10 seconds of copying / pasting to have the back up!

  4. Thanks, Stephanie. I got out of there safely, but my poor little laptop... Although she seems to be doing fine. I am not taking your cut and paste advice right now (shame on me!), but should and will remember it for the future. Thank you! M