Sunday, January 13, 2013

4. Link to other blogs:  Go to Design, Click on "Add a gadget" in the place where you want to put this.  Scroll down to "Blog List" and click on the +. Can change title (Example: My Blog List to Blogs I like) Add blog to your list/with URL.

Okay, this is where it got really tricky for me last time.  I am going to try this again now, but was not very successful last time. Notes from class indicated that we can use '' for lists of top blogs to try to connect to.  I will be happy just being able to add a gadget and try to link to fellow classmates.  

Let's see how I do ...  

I think I successfully connected to all fellow students' blogs - which is an improvement from my last attempt!  :)  Could I possibly be getting the hang of this?  Next!

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