Friday, January 25, 2013

This video has absolutely NOTHING to do with learning to blog, but I did come across it while researching blogging.  It is about Grand Central Station and mentions some interesting 'secrets' about the building -- some I knew about and some I didn't; and I went to school across the street (42nd East Side) for two years.  It does not mention the patch of the old ceiling, which was left and not painted over - as a reminder of how dirty the ceiling was and how bad the condition of Grand Central Station was many years ago. There were plans to tear down the original structure and rebuild; however, Steve Allen, Jackie Kennedy Onasis and other celebs had a rally to stop this from happening (we all cut out of class to attend - including our teachers!).  Obviously, they won!

I hope readers have the time to watch. 

I will try to Tweet it also!


  1. Maura, Have you ever stayed at Grand Hyatt in NY above Grand Central? That's where I've stayed when I've gone. Great location. Remind me tomorrow to show you opening links in a new window. (unless you know about that in which case my most humble apologies)
    See you tomorrow!

  2. Have not stayed there, but went to school in the late 70's directly across 42nd street from that building. I don't think it was a Grand Hyatt at the time. When I have been up visiting in the past and if I stay in the city v. w/ relatives, I have stayed at The Kimberly (now out of my price range :) - we found a Best Western once midtown that was a huge 2B apt with a galley kitchen; and that kitchen was bigger than my friends' kitchen (they have a co-op on E. 57th). Would love to find that place again! And I would LOVE to stay at the Grand Hyatt! It looks like a fabulous hotel. Please do show me about opening links in a new window tomorrow. I need all the help I can get! :)