Sunday, January 13, 2013

B. Find 3 or 4 active bloggers to follow, again in an industry/topic area of interest to you related to your blog. Read some of their more recent posts, make comments on these posts, try to engage them. Look at how these bloggers are using their blog (engage readers, sell books or their consulting services, establish credibility or expertise, etc). You might write a blogpost about their blog or posts.

Okay, this is where I will stop for the night and pick up tomorrow morning.  It will be interesting to see what bloggers are out there teaching people like me how to blog; and to see how much more I can learn from them also.

I am so impressed with the blog set-ups that my classmates have and will try to be more creative with my blog as the week progresses.

So far, so good this time.


  1. This was a fun idea for the blog. I am looking forward to watching your progress. It has all been new for me too. I'm pretty hooked.

  2. I changed my background! To my theme of 'learning!' I hope you like it. Thanks for the encouraging words ... still playing with it. :) Challenged trying to change my Favicon, but it's a Work In Progress. Thanks, Erica.