Friday, February 1, 2013

New Post #1 for today - the first day of February, 2013: The 2nd Nik Wallenda video from his infamous walk in downtown Sarasota this week: The view from where he stood and walked! AND it was windy that day (you can hear the wind); AND he's giving an interview while he's walking! Just Amazing!


  1. Maura! Thanks so much for posting this. I see what you mean about sweaty palms. I was quite nervous for Nick. For some reason it interested me that he finds denim jeans to be the best suited attire for such an endeavor. It seems like there should be some special uniform required to do this. It's more real and terrifying that he is dressed like a plain Joe (minus special shoes). I bet it was awesome to see. I wonder if he has a tight rope in his house he walks around on everyday like from the kitchen to the bedroom to the bathroom. That would be one way to really get comfortable with it.
    I also wonder if he eats bananas to make absolutely sure he doesn't end up with a muscle cramp. ha!

  2. Haha! You are so funny! And it is interesting that he walks in jeans v. stretch pants or something that would appear to be more comfortable and 'giving.'

    Yes, awesome to see.

    Believe the backyard is where they keep their 'practice' equipment. Would be fun to hang out at their house for an afternoon. :)